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We are an Adult/Retirement lifestyle community located in Innisfil, Ontario, Canada


Last Updated October 11th, 2019


Monthly minutes from the Home Owners monthly meetings are available on this site.   To view them and have an inside look at events, issues, accomplishments, meetings, etc. please click here to view the current minutes.    Also, click here to view the Annual General Meeting minutes. 

(UPDATE)   Member Forums are presented on a quarterly basis for members to keep them up to date on issues and challenges facing the residents of Sandycove Acres.   Next meeting is Sunday, November 17th at the Wheel (for more info click here)..     To view the Member Forums held to date please click here.


For more information about Sandycove Acres and the things we do just click here to get to the general welcome page.   Find out who we are and the many activities we have and the great neighbours here in Sandycove Acres.




LOCKHART RD CONSTRUCTION - CLICK HERE for the overall planning info - presently closed from Sandycove Acres to the 20th.


COFFEE CHATS are held regularly at the Wheel and hosted by Parkbridge.   These are intended to keep residents up to date on everything happening from Parkbridge.   Please click here to see presentations made at the most recent Coffee Chats.   Next Coffee Chat is Thursday December 5th, 2019 at the Wheel at 9:30am. 


THE “HOABulletin” is dedicated solely to current and sensitive Association matters.   In line with our commitment to openness and transparency, it is available to all residents whether or not they are members.   To receive the bulletin simply send an e-mail to with the subject line “Get HOABulletin”.


INNIS VILLAGE - click here to review the presentation made recently to Sandycove residents regarding the development at INNIS VILLAGE located on Concession 25 just south of Lockhart Rd.   The entire project is being developed by Parkbridge under the historical name of POINT ENDEAVOUR.    Thanks to the planning group at Parkbridge for sharing this future planning info.







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