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We are an Adult/Retirement lifestyle community located in Innisfil, Ontario, Canada


Last Updated August 1st, 2021

During this indefinite period while COVID-19 is still around, ALL facilities, and activities are closed and all events and activities in Sandycove Acres have been cancelled and/or shut down until further notice.  Click here to link to some helpful advice as passed on by your Home Owners Association.

....BE SAFE....


The Sandycove Acres Home Owners Association continues to work with members during this shutdown.   The Board continues to meet monthly (digitally) and the minutes of those meetings are posted in the following.


Residents of Sandycove Acres - Monthly Minutes and Member Forums.    A user ID and password is required.  You must be a member of the Home Owners Association to receive this access.   If you did not get a user ID and password in an earlier mailing please send an e-mail to OR stating your name, address and phone number.

(NEW) Monthly minutes from the Home Owners monthly meetings.  ID & Password required   Have an inside look at events, issues, accomplishments, meetings, etc. please click here to view the current and past minutes.  


Member Forums are presented on a quarterly basis for members to keep them up to date on issues and challenges facing the residents of Sandycove Acres.    Next meeting will be announced.    ID & Password required   To view the Member Forums held to date please click here.




The Social Clubs of SANDYCOVE ACRES - These groups and many others all help to create the lifestyle that makes Sandycove what it is today.   Sandycove Acres is a great place to be in large part due to the 3 very active volunteer SOCIAL CLUBS in Sandycove.   Check out these groups by clicking here.  


To JOIN the Sandycove Acres Home Owners Association please click here to get your membership application form.   When completed, and accompanied with the membership fee of only $10.00, please drop it of with a Board member as listed on the application form.    The form is also used to renew annual memberships.


THE “HOABulletin” is dedicated solely to current and sensitive Association matters.   In line with our commitment to openness and transparency, it is available to all residents whether or not they are members.   To receive the bulletin simply send an e-mail to with the subject line “Get HOABulletin”.


COMMUNITY PHONE DIRECTORY  - The Sandycove Acres Community Directory is available and is managed by the Home Owners Association..   If you are a resident please go to the web site designated in the heading of the newsletter.   If you're not on the directory CLICK here and just complete the appropriate section of the form and follow the instructions.    To access the Phone Directory click here     For further information about this Community Directory web site please contact 


COMMUNITY LIFE - Parkbridge Community Life Newsletter - available the week of the month - CLICK HERE for current and previous issues.

For more information about Sandycove Acres and the things we do just click here to get to the general welcome page.   Find out who we are and the many activities we have and the great neighbours here in Sandycove Acres.







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