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                        Last Updated March 31st, 2020


(NEW)  Sandycove Newsletter is normally available on this web site on or about the 25th of each month.    April 2020 is late posting but thanks to Parkbridge for getting the issue out by using an outside source.    The Monthly Newsletters  are also throughout the park located in the general area of the Canada Post mail boxes or the Bus shelters and at the office.   For the APRIL Newsletter click here.    Prior newsletters are available, please click here for more info. 


   The following information is provided to help residents plan their shopping needs.

ZEHR's at Yonge St & Big Bay Point Rd offer on-line ordering with either pick-up or delivery.

SOBEY's in Alcona are taking phone orders and will deliver as well.  Call (705) 431-6667

Most local PHARMACIES provide on-line or phone prescription refills.  Some may offer delivery services - please call to confirm.

Most grocery stores and pharmacies are open at special times for seniors and other vulnerable people.  Check with the stores before you go.



 The Home Owners’ Association is pleased to announce that Innisfil Rotary is offering help with grocery or medication shopping and even dog walking for our residents.

 To arrange this contact Anne Kell by e-mail at ankeipl@gmail.com or by phone at 705-791-0544


(NEW)  A special note for ALL Residents from Parkbrdige during the COVID-19 period - CLICK HERE



Please note that if you have purchased tickets for events that are now cancelled, hold on to them until the halls reopen or the Clubs/Groups you purchased them from get back to you.  

  • HUB Dance tickets from Saturday March 14th should be held for refund.  

  • HUB Dance with the Dreamboats has been rescheduled for a later date.   Residents successful in ordering tickets for the April show will keep their position for the next show.

  • Ladies Social Luncheon tickets should be held for the next luncheon.





Nominations for Director – 2020/21

As our Annual Meeting approaches, the Association, as always, invites members who wish to serve our community to put forward their names for election to the Association’s Board of Directors.   So that full information concerning the meeting, including Nominee’s names, may be mailed to members as required by our Constitution & By-laws, nominations will close at 5.00 p.m. on April 24th.   There are vacancies on the Board this year.  If you wish to put your name forward or would like more information, please contact our Nominating Chair, Barrie Johnson at (705) 999-1636.   He will provide information as to the duties and responsibilities of Directors and you will be asked to agree to these and to confirm your wish for your name to be put forward.

The meeting information notice will be mailed to all current members as of April 30th. S hould you, for any reason, not receive the notice or join the Association subsequent to this date, copies will be available from any Director as listed in the newsletter and it will also be available on this site.


Residents of Sandycove Acres - please note the following changes to access Monthly Minutes and Member Forums.    A user ID and password is now required.  If you did not get a user ID and password please send an e-mail to  hoawebpass@outlook.com stating your name, address and phone number.

Monthly minutes from the Home Owners monthly meetings.  ID & Password required   Have an inside look at events, issues, accomplishments, meetings, etc. please click here to view the current minutes.  


Member Forums are presented on a quarterly basis for members to keep them up to date on issues and challenges facing the residents of Sandycove Acres.    Next meeting will be announced.    ID & Password required   To view the Member Forums held to date please click here.


Discover the SEMINAR SERIES presented by the Home Owners Association for Sandycove residents who are members.    These are information sessions specifically focusing on the interests of Seniors and retired folks.   When scheduled they are normally held the 3rd Monday of the month at the SPOKE  and are well attended.    CLICK HERE for more information on these informative sessions and/or watch the monthly newsletters for current seminar information.


CANCELLED  HOME FAIR 2020 - plan to attend this annual event Saturday May 2nd at the Wheel.  


CANCELLED  EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS DAY - will be held with the HOME FAIR on Saturday May 2nd at the Wheel.  


ITS THAT TIME OF THE YEAR......   CANCELLED    yes, the Wheel, HUB & Spoke Social Clubs are having their Annual General Meetings and elections Sunday April 19th, at the WHEEL and the Home Owners Association will be having their Annual General Meeting and Elections Sunday June 14th, also at the WHEEL.   Some of the clubs are looking for some new volunteers to help out.  For more details and how to put your name forward please refer to the current newsletter (and even that is put together and distributed by volunteers).

Be part of the lifestyle we enjoy and contribute some of your time to your community.    Get involved in the Social Clubs and help create and present the fun events and finally if you want to contribute to the bigger picture consider working with the Home Owners.   These groups and many others all help to create the lifestyle that brought us here in the first place.


for all residents

DID YOU KNOW.....virtually every activity in Sandycove Acres is run by volunteers?.    How important are they????     Lots of time and effort by exceptional folks who want to have everyone enjoy their favourite activity.     Well the time is fast approaching where clubs, groups and other activities are looking for folks to help out in the next year.     What can you offer??    Call someone to find out how you can help.    This community has tremendous opportunities - can you help??    Check out this web site to see those activities - sign up and participate.    For more info please e-mail us at info@scahomeowners.com


The Social Clubs of SANDYCOVE ACRES - These groups and many others all help to create the lifestyle that makes Sandycove what it is today.   Sandycove Acres is a great place to be in large part due to the 3 very active volunteer SOCIAL CLUBS in Sandycove.   Check out these groups by clicking here or on the respective halls shown by clicking on Activities.


COMMUNITY PHONE DIRECTORY  - The Sandycove Acres Community Directory is available.   If you are a resident please go to the web site designated in the newsletter.   NOT ON THE DIRECTORY??   CLICK here and just complete the form and follow the instructions.     for further information about this Community Directory web site please contact info@scahomeowners.com


THE “HOABulletin” is dedicated solely to current and sensitive Association matters.   In line with our commitment to openness and transparency, it is available to all residents whether or not they are members.   To receive the bulletin simply send an e-mail to HOABulletin@outlook.com with the subject line “Get HOABulletin”.


COMMUNITY STANDARDS - an updated definition from Parkbridge July 25, 2019 - CLICK HERE to read


parkbridge notes of interest

(NEW)  A special note for ALL Residents from Parkbrdige during the COVID-19 period - CLICK HERE


COFFEE CHATS are held regularly at the Wheel and hosted by Parkbridge.   These are intended to keep residents up to date on everything happening from Parkbridge.   Please click here to see presentations made.   Next Coffee Chat is will be June 4th, 2020 at 9:30am at the Wheel


(UPDATE)  COMMUNITY LIFE   Parkbridge Community Life Newsletter - available the last week each month - click here to view the current and previous issues.


INNIS VILLAGE - click here for an overview of INNIS VILLAGE at Concession 25 just south of Lockhart Rd. 




(UPDATE)  HEALTH CLINICS in Simcoe County,    A WALK-IN CLINIC is now available at the RIZZARDO HEALTH CENTRE located at Innisfil Beach Road and Highway 11.       Click here to see the complete list of Clinics in Simcoe County.   The highlighted clinic is now the Rizzardo Centre.  


MAKE THE CONNECTION  Call 2-1-1 or visit 211Ontario.ca

211 is here to help - 211 is a three-digit phone number that provides information about and referral to community and social services in Ontario.   Information and Referral Specialists are caring, understanding and knowledgeable, and pride themselves on their ability to connect you with the services you need.    This service is also available at www.211ontario.ca


INNISFIL PUBLIC LIBRARY  at the Innisfil Beach Road site offers FREE courses on many topics including WORD, EXCEL, FACEBOOK, E-MAIL, Intros to COMPUTERS and INTERNET, etc.   CLICK on the LOGO and check out the schedule of events at the NEW Town library.


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