Sandycove Acres Home Owners Association

Board members are elected annually at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in June.  The first Board meeting following the AGM the Executive (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) are elected by the Board.  The remaining areas of responsibility are then selected/delegated from the remaining Directors.  Please refer to the Constitution & By-Laws for a full description.


BOARD MEMBERS for  2018 2019

President - John Bicknell

Vice President - Sharon Raycraft

Treasurer - Ted Gemmell

Secretary - Pat Porth

Director - Barbara Cripps

Director - Diane Elliott

Director - Paul Martel

  Director - Linda Morris

 Director - Dennis Rodgers

Director - Anne White


For an overview of the Board members and their backgrounds please click here.



Roles, Responsibilities & COMMITTEE REPRESENTATION

Accessibility Committee - Anne White

Civic Affairs - Diane Elliott

Community Events Committee (Home Fair, January Social, Health Fair, AGM)   Diane Elliott (Co-Chair), Anne White (Co-Chair), Dennis Rodgers

Community Relations - John Bicknell (Chair), Sharon Raycraft, Paul Martel, Pat Porth

Complaints - Dennis Rodgers

Emergency Preparedness Committee - Sharon Raycraft (Chair) click here for more info

Fire Safety Committee -

Legal Committee - John Bicknell (Chair), Sharon Raycraft, Linda Morris, Dennis Rodgers

Member Events Committee (Seminars)   Linda Morris (Chair), Dennis Rodgers  (click here for more information)

Membership Committee - Paul Martel (Chair)

Newsletter - Linda Morris

Parkbridge Umbrella Group - Sharon Raycraft, Ted Gemmell, Paul Martell

TV/Internet Liaison Dennis Rodgers

VON Program - Pat Porth (Liaison)  click here for more info



Web Site Administrator - Dave Cooper