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Sandycove Newsletter is available on this web site on the 25th of each month.   The Monthly Newsletters  are also throughout the park located in the general area of the Canada Post mail boxes or the Bus shelters and at the office. For the latest Newsletter click here.

The Home Owners Association monthly reports are part of the monthly Sandycove Acres newsletter and are posted on this web site each month.   Links to the current newsletters can be found by clicking here.     Prior copies of the newsletter information for the Home Owners Associations can be requested by e-mailing - this is for members only.

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RENT INCREASE GUIDELINE FOR 2021 - The Ontario government has recently, through Royal Assent to a bill essentially freezing rent increases, announced (September 2020) the rent increase guideline for the year 2021 will be 0.0 per cent.   The rent increase guideline is the maximum amount by which a landlord can increase the rent of a tenant without seeking the approval of the Landlord and Tenant Board.  The 2021 Guideline applies to a rent increase that occurs between January 1 and December 31, 2021.      Please note the following which is not frozen.

1.   Any Property Tax increases for 2021.   These are not “rent”. 

2.  Above Guideline Increases [AGI’s].   A reminder to residents that that there are currently two of these waiting for hearings.  It is possible that these could be approved and become effective in 2021, although there are no hearing dates announced yet.   Residents are reminded that, if approved, these increases are retroactive to the dates stated in the notices residents previously received from Parkbridge.   There is one type of AGI that is frozen but the two mentioned above are not this type.  

3.  If a current lease is assigned to a new resident in 2021, the legally allowed $50 per month rent increase is not frozen. 


ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING for 2019 was held Sunday June 9th at the Wheel with about 200 members present.   The Home Owners Board members made their annual reports.   When available these reports will be posted as part of the minutes of the meeting.    No major issues came up as the President very proficiently described the various issues already known to members and described what was being done.   Please watch for the minutes to be posted.   Elections were held.    To see the 2019-20 Board of Directors just click here.  

LEASE RENEWALS - LATEST INFORMATION:  released by the Home Owners - April 25th, 2018

The Association has reconfirmed the information previously circulated; that is that clauses in the "old" leases with respect to property tax, water billing and snow clearing will be honoured.   Following our previous update as to how leases that have already been renewed would be handled, we have learned that Parkbridge have now adopted the simpler method of amending the lease itself.   We have seen an actual completed instance of this and it does indeed restore the status quo with respect to these three items.   This, of course, is to be taken in conjunction with the recent announcement by Parkbridge that the installation of water meters will only happen for new residents.

We expect that future renewals will be based on a new "standard" lease.   This will - in the first draft that we have seen - have a specific clause laying out the various charges applicable to a given resident and will, in other clauses, have wording to be struck out and initialled by both parties.   Thus it would be useable for both renewals and new residents.   The Association expects to have an opportunity to review the final version of this lease before residents are contacted for renewing.   That being said, since this will, practically speaking, be a completely new lease, we recommend that residents should take time to review it before signing and may wish to consult a lawyer.   The Association, of course, will be happy to discuss with individual residents if so desired. 

Member Forums are presented on a quarterly basis for members to keep them up to date on issues and challenges facing the residents of Sandycove Acres.   This process was started in 2018 as a means to help improve the communications within Sandycove Acres.   To view the Member Forums held to date please click here.



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