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Please note:   Since this issue has come up there have been a number of updates and reports made by the Home Owners.   A continuing effort is being made and further reporting/updating will be forthcoming at this site. 


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MAY 2nd, 2018  (as distributed by Sandycove Home Owners Association)

Following the recent meeting with the residents, the Association has reviewed a sample invoice with respect to the rates charged. We are able to confirm as follows:

Water Base Rate Billed: $22.06 per month – Town of Innisfil Web Site - 2018 rate.

Water Consumption Rate Billed: $2.16 per cubic meter – Town of Innisfil Web Site - 2018 rate.

Sewer Base Rate Billed: $11.91 per month – This is the Town of Innisfil 2017 special rate [$11.45] for Sandycove Acres plus 4%. This new rate does not appear on the Town’s web site but all of the other rates - commercial etc. - in our category [sewer connection but no town water] also show a 4% increase. We will endeavour to obtain formal confirmation of this but expect that it will stand.

Sewer Consumption Rate Billed: $1.44 per cubic meter - Town of Innisfil Web Site - 2018 rate.

APRIL 27th, 2018  (as distributed by Sandycove Home Owners Association)

The Water & Sewer meeting of April 25th was held to discuss the lack of response by Parkbridge to the legal question raised by the Association’s legal advisor. We must apologize for some confusion caused by the notice calling the meeting. This was intended to advise that if residents were unable to attend they would not be able to give their input to possible actions to be decided on. Such residents can and will be able to add their names to the course of action decided upon at the meeting.

Following an overview of what has transpired since the last meeting, the Association suggested, and those present agreed, that an application should now be made to the Landlord & Tenant Board. The Association stated that it would be responsible for legal advice and representation on behalf of residents; residents would be responsible for the application fees - $50 for the first home and $5 for each successive one. These fees would be collected only when the application goes forward.

Since there is more than one possible basis for an application, the first step will be to discuss the options with the Association’s legal representative to determine the best approach. That done, the formal application process would be initiated.

A form was circulated for residents to complete that [a] states their individual representations from Parkbridge as to the activation of the relevant lease clause and [b] gives consent to be represented by the Association’s legal advisor. The latter is a legal necessity. Affected residents who were unable to attend the meeting may obtain this form from any Association Director as listed in the newsletter. Please be aware that technically, in the event of success, anyone who does not add their name to the application is not covered by the Board’s order although the attitude of Parkbridge in such a case is unknown. We urge everyone affected to add their names.  Click here to view the presentation given at the meeting. 

APRIL 16th, 2018  (as distributed by Sandycove Home Owners Association)

WATER & SEWER BILLING:  In spite of repeated efforts the Board of Directors has, at the time of writing, yet to receive from Parkbridge an answer that is satisfactory to residents, the Association or our legal advisor.  We are therefore asking all affected residents to attend a meeting being held on April 25th @ 7.00pm at the Wheel.  The purpose of the meeting is to discuss and decide on the next actions to be taken in this matter.    It is most important that every effort is made to attend since possible actions will, if successful, apply only to those residents taking part.   In the interim the Association recommends that residents should commence payments starting with the invoice for the month of March although this, of course, is a matter of individual choice.   We are distributing this message by all of the channels available to us but we do not – for privacy reasons – have a list of every resident concerned.   We would therefore ask you to check with anyone you know to be affected to confirm that they know about this meeting.

APRIL 6th, 2018  (as distributed by Sandycove Home Owners Association) 

WATER & SEWER BILLING:   The Association has received Parkbridge’s latest position on the validity of invoicing before connection to municipal water.  Our legal representative is of the opinion that this response in no way provides legal grounds for billing to take place before municipal water is connected to Sandycove.   She has therefore sent a letter outlining in depth the legal basis as we see it and requesting a further response.   Our next steps will, of course depend on what happens as a result.

Important: Notwithstanding previous assurances from Parkbridge that billing would not recommence until this matter is finalized, we now have been advised that an invoice will be issued early April for the month of March – it is our understanding that January and February usage will be waived. Payment to be due by May 1st. Parkbridge will be formally communicating this to the residents involved.   It is the Association’s suggestion that these residents hold payment until close to the deadline in the hope that this will be settled before then.   If it is not, we shall continue our efforts including legal action if so required.

MARCH 7th, 2018  (as distributed by Sandycove Home Owners Association) 

The Home Owner’s Association continues to discuss the validity of this billing with Parkbridge and our legal representative is currently reviewing the latest response from management.   Parkbridge have stated that invoices will not be sent out until this issue is finalized but affected residents should be aware that, should this be resolved in favour of Parkbridge, retroactive billing to January 1st 2018 is possible.   These residents may wish to set aside funds for this eventuality.


January 21st, 2018 - CLICK here to read the latest report following a meeting of those residents that have received Water Billings from Parkbridge.


January 12th, 2018 


January 5th, 2018 (as distributed by Sandycove Home Owners Association) 

The HOA (Home Owners Association) has now had a discussion with our lawyer who has done a preliminary study of points raised by us with respect to Parkbridge leases.   She will now look into the relevant issues in more depth and has raised points that appear to be in our favour; however, more investigation is needed.  

The HOA asks that residents be patient – we hope to have answers shortly. 

January 4th, 2018 - Special Notice (as distributed by Sandycove Home Owners Association) 

“The Association has spoken with management to clarify what is happening with respect to the proposed resident  meetings with Parkbridge about water billing.   As of this morning (January 4th) the meetings have been rescheduled for Monday (January 8th).   They will still be face to face if individual residents so wish but some have indicated that by phone will be OK with them.  If you do not have a time set to meet face to face then you will need to contact the office to arrange.  Some of those affected have expressed the wish to have the Association present for these meetings or to have a group meeting.  Parkbridge have refused our requests for either of these options but have given no reason.  We will continue to press for a meeting with regional management and will move forward with legal consultation as planned.”


December 29th, 2017


December 17th, 2017


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