Emergency Preparedness in Sandycove

The SANDYCOVE EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS COMMITTEE is always looking for interested people to volunteer their assistance in the planning of Emergency Preparedness in Sandycove.  WE ARE NOT the First Responders nor do we want to be but where we can help is in organizing activities and events to educate residents and to help the First Responders to know more about us.  If you are interested in this group please contact us at eptsca@yahoo.com       WE NEED YOU....


The Emergency Preparedness Team has prepared a Questionnaire for you to complete and return if you believe you might require assistance during an emergency situation (tornado, extreme lightning, storm flood, etc.) and to help First Responders (ie: paramedics, firefighters, Police Services).   To get a full understanding and a copy of the form please click here.


Do you use a LIFELINE Service or a similar brand?? 

 If so it is very important that you read and complete the attached form (CLICK HERE).   Please read it and if you have any questions please call Linda Moyles or e-mail her at eptsca@yahoo.com   This is especially important to follow-up due to the recent interruption in Bell service.

WHO ARE WE - The EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS TEAM is a group of your neighbours who volunteer their time and energy to educate our residents on how to HELP THEMSELVES and to BE PREPARED, NOT SCARED.    It is a vital and proud part of Sandycove Acres Home Owners Association.   WHO ARE WE??   Find out by clicking here for more info.

Some HELPFUL HINTS (click here)

OBJECTIVES of the Home Owners Emergency Preparedness Committee is to oversee emergency planning development for Sandycove Acres residents.   Primary areas to be covered are;

  • Communications (Newsletter, Web Site, Mailings, Brochure, etc.)

  • Liaison with Town of Innisfil (Fire Dept) and County of Simcoe (911 Coordinator)

  • Education through Seminar and specific training (ie CPR)

  • Identify disabled/handicapped residents

  • Evaluate the 3 facilities on site as to their use during emergencies.

  • Liaison with Sandycove Acres on emergency matters

ACCESSIBILITY COMMITTEE  are looking for volunteers…… and we are pleased to inform you that the Home Owners Board has created an Accessibility Committee which is chaired by Anne White, Director of the Home Owners.  The Committee will be watching for areas in our community that can be created and/or changed to make everything more accessible especially for those that may be handicapped.    This is a residents only initiative.   For more information please e-mail us at info@scahomeowners.com  

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