Emergency Preparedness in Sandycove

The SANDYCOVE EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS COMMITTEE is always looking for interested people to volunteer their assistance in the planning of Emergency Preparedness in Sandycove.  WE ARE NOT the First Responders nor do we want to be but where we can help is in organizing activities and events to educate residents and to help the First Responders to know more about us.  If you are interested in this group please contact us at eptsca@yahoo.com or at info@scahomeowners.com     WE NEED YOU....

At this year's HOME FAIR we will also be showcasing  "Emergency Preparedness Day" as part of the federal “Emergency Preparedness Week” in the Wheel Ballroom and the North Wheel Building.  - Saturday, May 4th from 9am - noon at the Wheel.

The slogan this year is Being Prepared - It's Up to You!    We have confirmation the following exhibits will be attending:

  • Red Cross

  • County of Simcoe Emergency Management Team

  • South Simcoe Police Services

  • Town of Innisfil Fire

  • more to come........

For anything Emergency Preparedness related the email address is   epcsca@hotmail.ca  

For the complete story and contact information please click on the following links to learn about who we are, what we do, why we do it, our role in the community, the events we have hosted, the training and education that is available and what to do in an emergency.

WHO ARE WE - ALL ABOUT US (click here)

CURRENT EVENTS (click here)

EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS DAYS (click here for more info)


HELPFUL HINTS (click here)

SPECIAL ARCHIVES (click here for more info on Emergency Preparedness Days, Seminars, etc.)

OBJECTIVES of the Home Owners Emergency Preparedness Committee is to oversee emergency planning development for Sandycove Acres residents.   Primary areas to be covered are;

  • Communications (Newsletter, Web Site, Mailings, Brochure, etc.)

  • Liaison with Town of Innisfil (Fire Dept) and County of Simcoe (911 Coordinator)

  • Education through Seminar and specific training (ie CPR)

  • Identify disabled/handicapped residents

  • Evaluate the 3 facilities on site as to their use during emergencies.

  • Liaison with Sandycove Acres on emergency matters


(NEW) POLICE ACADEMY just wrapped up in Sandycove and after 9 weeks of presentations at the Wheel there was "Graduation Day".   Take a look at the final group with the Mayor and Deputy Mayor joining in on the festivities.  

Recently the Sandycove Acres Emergency Preparedness Team participated in a region wide test of our communities emergency preparedness plans.   The project was called OPERATION: COMP-ACTION and was featured on local TV news coverage.   CLICK HERE to get the full story.

CITIZENS POLICE ACADEMY  Something to look forward to - the third annual Citizens' Police Academy will be starting on March 8th and run for 8 sessions (over a 10 week span).  This is a great FREE activity - no tests involved!  Speakers from local law enforcement and lots of information from related community groups. Sign up now - this is a pre-registration event with limited number of seats.  Email Sharon Raycraft at epcsca@hotmail.ca or call 705-431-7747 to reserve your seat.  

Here's this hard working Emergency Preparedness Team at the 2017 Annual Sandycove Acres Canada Day Parade.   For more pic's of the gang and the rest of this great community just click here.   Just click on the picture to get the larger version.


SENIOR CITIZENS' POLICE ACADEMY 2017 presented by the Emergency Preparedness Team - Starts Thursday, March 9th for 8 consecutive weeks; 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at the Wheel.    Registration is still open.   For details on topics to be presented at this session just click here.   Sponsored by the Emergency Preparedness Team.  Detailed information located elsewhere in this newsletter.  Please note change in start date.      WOW - what a start....check out (click here) the first meeting info which was well attended....everyone reported it was a great session.

Emergency Preparedness Day - 2017 - (click here for the report) (NEW)

Emergency Preparedness Symposium

On Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015 an Emergency Preparedness Symposium was held at the Wheel.  Guest exhibitors included Service Canada, Red Cross, ARES (ham radio operators), County of Simcoe Emergency Management Team, Town of Innisfil Fire Department and South Simcoe Police Services.  The “Team” had displays about 72-hour preparedness for people, pets and vehicles, fire extinguishers, Vials of Life and Medical/mobility questionnaires.   As well as the Mayor (Gord Wauchope), Deputy Mayor (Lynn Dollin) and Councillor (Carolyn Payne) we had visitors from Wasaga Beach, Tottenham and Barrie.  The Red Cross brought along one of the trailers that they use when assisting in an emergency situation.  A new resident in Sandycove Acres, ‘Ruth’ told us she couldn’t believe the amount of information, geared to seniors, that was available at the Symposium


An “Emergency Preparedness Workshop” was held in Wasaga Beach on July 22nd, 2015.  The event came out of the Umbrella Group meeting in April after a presentation about Emergency Preparedness.

John Tweddle, the Chairman of the Umbrella Group, worked extremely hard setting up the venue (CountryLife Banquet Hall at Lakes of Wasaga) and asking Parkbridge to provide lunch (which they did – it was very nice lunch).  He also communicated with the many Parkbridge communities in Simcoe County and ended up with representatives from 6 Parkbridge communities, including 1 which is not a member of the Umbrella Group. 

The Workshop started at 10:00 a.m. when Kathy and Don Richmond and Norm and Sharon Raycraft from Sandycove Acres Emergency Preparedness Team made presentations on Vials of Life, 72 hour kits for people, pets and vehicles, fire extinguishers, carbon monoxide detectors, promotion and resources.  The SCA Team thought 4 hours might be hard to fill but it turned out that they barely squeaked in all of the information.  Everyone felt that it was a very good day with great response, questions and answers as well.  Each community was provided with a binder, thumb-drive and CD disc with information. 

ACCESSIBILITY COMMITTEE  are looking for volunteers…… and we are pleased to inform you that the Home Owners Board has created an Accessibility Committee which is chaired by Anne White, Director of the Home Owners.  The Committee will be watching for areas in our community that can be created and/or changed to make everything more accessible especially for those that may be handicapped.    This is a residents only initiative.   For more information please e-mail us at info@scahomeowners.com  

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