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WHO ARE WE - The EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS TEAM is a group of your neighbours who volunteer their time and energy to educate our residents on how to HELP THEMSELVES and to BE PREPARED, NOT SCARED.    It is a vital and proud part of Sandycove Acres Home Owners Association.


Linda Moyles - team leader

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To help residents to be aware of what they need to do to be ready for an emergency situation such as an ice storm, lengthy power outage or tornado.  The Emergency Preparedness Committee provides information (obtained from the Provincial and Federal Governments, including Emergency Management Ontario, the County of Simcoe and the Town of Innisfil) to residents at the Health Fair (held in November), Home Fair (held in April) and from members of the Committee

To be the “First Contact” and provide Medical and other Information to paramedics

To be the “First Contact” and provide Medical and other Information to paramedics and firefighters during an emergency situation (tornado, extreme lightning storm, flood, etc.).  This is done by providing Questionnaires  that residents complete and return to the Emergency Preparedness Committee if they believe they might require assistance.  This information is shared only with First Responders if necessary and is kept confidential at all times;

To deal with the County of Simcoe and Town of Innisfil in determining what steps will be taken on behalf of the residents should a severe emergency occur;

To work with the Homeowners’ Association and Parkbridge Lifestyles on behalf of all residents.  This includes setting up cooling centres in the summer and the provision and maintenance of the 5 defibrillators presently in Sandycove Acres:

The Emergency Preparedness Committee is made up of volunteers – from all walks of life.   WE ARE NOT the First Responders nor do we want to be but where we can help is in organizing activities and events to educate residents and to help the First Responders to know more about us.    If you are interested in this group please contact Linda Moyles at 705-436-7949 or e-mail at eptsca@yahoo.com or at info@scahomeowners.com     WE NEED YOU....


Here is a brief history of what has been done to benefit Sandycove Acres and others:

·         A number of years ago, the Emergency Preparedness Committee – “EPC” - (as it was then known) raised funds to purchase AEDs (Defibrillators) for the Hub, Spoke and Wood Shop.  The volunteers were responsible to check the AEDs weekly.  Eventually, Sandycove Acres Ltd. took over the responsibility for the AEDs and entered into a service contract with the County of Simcoe Paramedics.

·         In 2011, a program was developed by the EPC that would direct First Responders (fire, police, EMS) to those residents who would most need assistance in the event of a serious emergency or disaster and/or evacuation.  This is the “MEDICAL/MOBILITY QUESTIONNAIRE” that is printed in the Newsletter on occasion (including this edition), is part of the ‘new owners’ package, is available at all events that the EPT (Emergency Preparedness Team) holds or participates in, and is available from the EPT members.

·         In 2011, a meeting with our Local Responders was requested by the EPC – to find out how Sandycove Acres would be looked after by them in the event of a major emergency.  It was a very successful meeting and a bond was forged between everyone who attended that day.

·         In May, 2012, the EPC held its first Emergency Preparedness Day with indoor and outdoor exhibits by our First Responders and others as well as our own members.  The highlight of the day was when the Innisfil Fire Department brought their brand new ladder truck for Sandycovers to see – including putting up the ladder!

·         In May, 2013, the second EP Day was held with many of our now familiar First Responders as well as our own members – however, the rain and cool weather forced everyone indoors.

·         In 2013 the EPC found out that the VIAL OF LIFE program was being discontinued in Simcoe County (sponsors withdrew) and, believing that this was very important for our residents, the EPT decided to re-introduce the Vial of Life to Sandycove Acres.  With the generosity of Larry Ho of the Sandycove Drug Store, with the financial and moral support of the Home Owners’ Associaition and with a lot of volunteer hours, the Team has put together 1,000 Vials to date.  The Vials are distributed at the EPT and HOA events, at the Sandycove Drug Store and are available from Team members.

·         In July, 2013 the EPC was invited by the ‘creator’ of an “Emergency Simulation Exercise” to observe an exercise in which our County of Simcoe First Responders (including the Simcoe County Emergency Management Team) would follow an emergency scenario to determine and identify any weaknesses or problems that could show up in a real emergency situation.  The EPC accepted the invitation.  In October, 2013 two members of the EPC attended the “Emergency Simulation Exercise” with the scenario being a tornado touching down in the south park of Sandycove Acres at 5:00 a.m. However, instead of being ‘observers’, the members were put to work and became part of the action (and it was loud and busy), including the debriefing.  WOW!  The experience was shared with Sandycovers in the next Newsletter in an article that started “Did You Hear It? Did You Feel It?”  Copies of that article are still being provided to a number of groups and individuals.

·         In 2014 the EPC held 2 smaller EP Days, one in January and one in May.  At both days residents were provided with Vials of Life and Medical/Mobility Questionnaires and lots of other information.

·         Sometime in 2014 the Emergency Preparedness Committee became the Emergency Preparedness Team.  Why?   Because its members actively work together as a Team to meet its goals!

·         In April, 2015 the EPT was invited to make a presentation about the need for Emergency Preparedness to members of a number of Parkbridge Adult Lifestyle Community Home Owners’ Associations.

·         In June, 2015 we held an Emergency Preparedness Symposium and welcomed a number of residents of other Parkbridge Adult Lifestyle Communities to the event as well as our Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Councillor.

·         In July, 2015 members of EPT were invited to hold an Emergency Preparedness Workshop in Wasaga Beach to pass on what the EPT does and how it is done to 6 other Parkbridge communities in Simcoe County.  This was a 4 hour session that was enthusiastically received.

·         The EPC has arranged and organized CPR and AED training for Sandycove Acres residents.

·         The EPC successfully recommended to Sandycove Acres management that bigger and better First Aid kits were required in the 3 recreation halls, the wood shop and the gym.

·         The EPC successfully lobbied, with the backing of the HOA, for an AED in the Wheel and an AED in the new exercise room in the North Wheel. 

·         At the invitation of various Sandycove Acres groups, the EPC has made presentations on “Living Safely in Sandycove Acres”, “Another Canadian Winter” as well as information on Emergency Preparedness, including 72 hour kits and more.

·         The EPT regularly contributes articles to the Sandycove Acres Newsletter about matters regarding Emergency Preparedness that apply to our residents.

·         The EPT continues to foster and maintain friendly and effective working relationships with our First Responders and Parkbridge.


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