Emergency Preparedness in Sandycove



 (Part of the Home Owners’ Association)


The Emergency Preparedness Team has prepared a Questionnaire for you to complete and return if you believe you might require assistance during an emergency situation (tornado, extreme lightning, storm flood, etc.) and to help First Responders (ie: paramedics, firefighters, Police Services). 

The information from this Questionnaire (CLICK HERE for a copy) will be used to determine who will need special help in the event of such an emergency. As “first contact” in an emergency, the Emergency Preparedness Team provides the information to the First Responders (paramedic, fire and police services) looking after Sandycove Acres.  Your information will be kept confidential at all times.  

The First Responders” (Fire, Paramedic and South Simcoe Police Services) will use the information to assist you during evacuation procedures and/or medical treatment at your home or evacuation sites.


 Let us help emergency personnel help you by filling out the Questionnaire, signing it and dropping it into the  EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS TEAM drop box (white with red lettering) in the East lobby of the wheel near the stairs to the basement.  (Please note - the drop box is not accessible during COVID-19)

or by mailing it to:

Sandycove Homeowners’ Association

Emergency Preparedness Team

P. O. Box 7151

Innisfil, Ontario L9S 1A9

 or e-mail to eptsca@yahoo.com

 If you have any questions, please call Linda Moyles at 705-436-7949 or email eptsca@yahoo.com

 For copies of the questionnaire please CLICK HERE


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