CHRISTMAS LIGHTS COMPETITION  - Following are the GUIDELINES   Thanks for making our neighbourhood bright.    A special thanks to Parkbridge Lifestyles for donating the prizes.

  1. All Residents of SCA will be eligible to win, with the following Exceptions:    a) members of the HOA Board of Directors and b) past winners of the previous two calendar years (click to see past winners)

  2. Prizes awarded for 1st and 2nd for each of the North & South Parks.

  3. Judging done by members HOA Board of Directors.

  4. Judging based on: i) Originality; ii) Creativity; iii)Overall Attractiveness/Appeal

PLEASE NOTE: If a house (street address) has won in the previous 2 years, but has subsequently been sold, the new owner(s) will be eligible to win provided the HOA has been notified of the change of ownership prior to judging at ( or PO Box 7151, Innisfil On L9S 1A9)   Winners & pictures will be posted on the HOA website.   Be creative, be careful. Donít cause fire hazards.     Decorations must be temporary with no permanent changes to structure.