The meeting was called to order at 1:00 p.m. by the President, John Bicknell who welcomed all in attendance, introduced the current Board of Directors, namely Ted Gemmell - Vice President, Lynne Ellis - Secretary, Theresa Vanderlinden - Treasurer and Directors Roy Bridge, Pat Whittaker, Cliff Ashdown, Brenda Peters, Dave Cooper and Peggy Parker.


He then called for a minute of silence for all those who have passed in the previous year.




          John announced that the minutes of the 2009 Annual General Meeting had been posted as required. It was moved by Pat Gallinger and seconded by Doreen Stokes that the minutes be accepted as circulated. There being no discussion, the motion passed.




          Prepared by Theresa Vanderlinden and read by Pat Whittaker. It was moved by Doreen Tilley, seconded by Audrey Curtis that the report be accepted as read. Motion carried. COPY ATTACHED click here (ADDEND #1)

          Pat read the report from Claude Wilson who stated that he had “examined the Financial Records of the Sandycove Homeowners Association for the period June 01, 2009 to May 31, 2010” and has found “all entries were adequately supported and in agreement with the records of the Sandycove Branch of the Royal Bank” COPY ATTACHED click here (ADDEND #2)




Membership-Ted Gemmell, Vice President


          Ted reported a drop in paid members for the past year and thanked the Transportation committee for their assistance in collecting fees at their desk.  COPY ATTACHED click here (ADDEND #3)



Web site- Dave Cooper


          Dave reported a substantial increase in visits to the Website this year and itemized information available on it. COPY ATTACHED click here (ADDEND #4)


Complaints- Cliff Ashdown


          Cliff reported that he and Brenda Peters collectively received seven complaints in the reporting period, down from sixteen the previous year. He stated that two of these are still outstanding.


Television Committee-Peggy Parker


          Peggy advised that Total Cable Services is upgrading the cabling within the park to allow all residents to receive HD, commencing with the north side. Completion will take about a year. COPY ATTACHED click here (ADDEND #5)


Emergency Preparedness- Dave Cooper


          Dave gave an overview of current assistance available in the community and why it is important to supplement. He recounted futile attempts in the past year to obtain volunteers to re-form a committee and again asked for volunteers. COPY ATTACHED click here (ADDEND #6)




           John summarized by saying that “the past year has been a relatively quiet one, aided no doubt by the mild winter. As usual we have held two formal meetings with Sandycove management plus numerous informal discussions on individual and community issues.” He went on to highlight some of the issues as well as listing the events held for residents and members.


          John then discussed some proposed plans for the next year and ended by thanking the Executive and all others who have in any way assisted in the smooth operation of various events. COPY ATTACHED click here (ADDEND #7)




          The President announced that all members should have received a copy of the proposed changes to be voted on. Apparently, there were many in attendance who didn’t get the mailed-out information, therefore he read out each proposed amendment individually. There was no discussion on the Constitution changes proposed.


          By-law #1 dealt with the number of members of the Board of Directors. The proposed amendment was “up to ten members” with no minimum number.


          It was moved by George Sandilands that the by-law be amended to read “no less than four and up to ten” members in good standing. The motion was seconded by Norm Knowles. After some discussion of the necessity and ramifications, the amendment to the amendment passed.


           Re: By-law 26-quorum proposed amendment from 25% reduced to 10% there was discussion regarding the advisedness of such a low percentage, but no amendment was presented. It was therefore moved by Marilyn Sehn, seconded by Joe Luiz that the recommended changes to the Constitution and By-laws with the above amendment be approved. Carried.


At this time The President announced that two longtime members of the Board of Directors were retiring - namely Peggy Parker and Theresa Vanderlinden. They came forward and were presented with commemorative plaques and thanked for their many years of service.




          The President relinquished the Chair to Eric Fellows - Elections Chairperson, who presented the slate of officers - John Bicknell, Ted Gemmell, Dave Cooper, Roy Bridge, Lynne Ellis, Cliff Ashdown, Brenda Peters, Pat Whittaker, Steve Jones and Tim Tyler. There being ten nominees, the Chair declared them to be elected by acclamation.


The President then re-assumed the chair and introduced the new members.


The Chair then invited discussion from the floor on any issue.

1.       Jack Stokes commented on the fact that there are children living in the park which is supposed to be adult only. The President advised that the Board and SCA management was in discussion regarding this issue and SCA was taking appropriate action.

2.     Marilyn Sehn was angry that banks will not give mortgages to residents because SCA will not remove a certain clause in the lease. Only a “clip” mortgage is possible with a much higher interest rate which presents hardship to some and prevents the sale of homes to others.

3.     Jim Wilcox asked why, if SCA was on budget for the current year, the sidewalks are not plowed. John relied that he believed the issue to be one of liability insurance as they would also have to be maintained for walking in addition to the roads.

4.     Kim Sheridan asked that, relating to fire insurance, if a house was destroyed by fire could it be replaced with another modular home rather than a site built home. An opinion was offered that a modular home would have to meet current building codes, which could prove difficult.

5.     Richard Tisseman asked if there was a limit to how many site-built homes could be built in the Park. John explained that SCA has an approved development plan and that as older homes came down, they would be replaced with the site-built units.

6.     Ann Haddock rose and thanked the Board of Directors for their efforts on the members’ behalf.


Shirley Greaves moved that the meeting be adjourned.


Refreshments were served.



1 – Treasurers Report - 2010 Annual General Meeting


2 –
Auditors Report - 2010 Annual General Meeting

3 -
Membership Report 2010 Annual General Meeting


At the end of last year (2009), membership totaled 542. Paid-up members to date this year are 415. Last year, the Home Owners’ board commenced a policy of offering a 1 year free membership to new residents. A review of the effectiveness of this program has been disappointing. Of the 24 free memberships given in 2009, only 5 have renewed this year.  As a result, the board will be reviewing this policy in the coming months.


We are grateful to the Transportation Committee for their assistance in collecting membership fees at the phone desk on Mon., Wed. and Fri.


Ted Gemmell

Membership Chairperson


4 - Web Site Report

The Sandycove Acres Home Owners Association Web Site was introduced in March 2008 and has continued to develop and expand reporting on the many activities of Sandycove Acres.   This site is managed and maintained by the Sandycove Acres Home Owners Association for the residents of Sandycove.  Space on our web site is also provided to the Sandycove Computer Club for an annual fee.  We are proud to regularly report on;

·         Current and Special Events which are highlighted monthly

·         Who we are and our accomplishments

·         Newsletters and upcoming

·         Seminars planned and previous

·         Activities – schedules of HUB, SPOKE and the WHEEL are updated monthly

·         Home Owner tips – Tenancies Act, Home Repairs and Selling your House

·         Archives – Home Fair, Social Events and Seminars completed

·         Emergency Preparedness events and information

·         Links of interest to Seniors and Residents


The site is regularly reviewed by  


Active Visits

June 2010

550 (projected)

May 2010


April 2010


March 2010


February 2010


January 2010


December 2009


November 2009


October 2009


September 2009


August 2009


July 2009



Monthly averages of 2 info requests received from the internet and are forwarded to members of the Board for appropriate response.

Submitted by

Dave Cooper

Director, Sandycove Acres Home Owners Association



5 - TV Committee Report


As you will have seen from your renewal notices, there is no change in costs or channel line up for the 2010/2011 year.


Total Cable Services have, after some delays, been able to finalize the necessary arrangements to commence the implementation of High Definition service in the Park. As a first step, four HD channels have been provided free of charge. The Association has worked with Total Cable to test this. These channels can be received by anyone with a Digital TV. On these channels, all digital TV’s will see a picture quality improvement – this will be even greater if the TV concerned has the necessary internal Tuner to provide HD reception.


Work will commence shortly to upgrade the cabling within the park to permit all residents to receive HD. This will commence on the North Side. For the South side, the upgrade and service availability will probably take place in a couple of stages; this has not been finally decided. Completion is expected to take a year.


As service become available, Total Cable plan to offer the equipment for those with Digital TV’s lacking the necessary internal tuner, plus a number of program packages. Full details of all of this will be not be published until nearer the time of service commencement so that it may be as current as possible.


6 - Emergency Preparedness Report


In May 2009 the previous Emergency Preparedness Committee resigned leaving a giant gap in the development of an Emergency Preparedness plan for the residents of Sandycove Acres.   During the July through October period last year we spent considerable time putting together the results of the previous Committee and understanding what was ahead of us.  Meetings were held and a report made to the Home Owners Board.

While the County of Simcoe provides a basic Emergency Preparedness Guide, available to residents, and the Innisfil Fire Department has confirmed their support and involvement in any emergency we have, we are still without some coordinated effort by residents for the residents of Sandycove.

The prior Committee acquired and maintained 3 Defibrillators located at the HUB, SPOKE and Woodworkers shop.  When they resigned the maintenance of the equipment was out of date and in need of change.  Following some meetings with your Home Owners, Sandycove Acres Management and the Simcoe County Paramedics Services it was arranged that the Paramedics would take over the installation of the Defibrillators and Sandycove Acres assumed the on-going cost and the regular maintenance. 

Sandycove Acres has helped tremendously with their involvement in the process and has further been willing to have Emergency Preparedness as an agenda item at all Home Owner/Management meetings.

During the past year there was a report made recommending we carry on and further develop what had been done.  Part of this report was to reform a Committee to look after Emergency Preparedness planning.  This has met with NO response from residents.  We did get a couple of folks interested but it is a not a role for 1 or 2 people and we tried to get more involved. 

As we stand today I have 2 volunteers (1 just recently) that will be willing to work on a committee to pursue an Emergency Preparedness plan for the residents of Sandycove Acres.  

To wrap up, the whole issue of Emergency Planning is a vital component of life in Sandycove.  The Home Owners Association has made a commitment to maintain and develop the necessary plans for continuity of the work already done.   If you have any questions or would like to volunteer to work on this Committee please see me following the meeting or e-mail me through the web site.

Submitted by


Dave Cooper

Director, Sandycove Acres Home Owners Association



By way of introduction, the past year has been a relatively quiet one, aided no doubt by the mild winter. As usual we have held two formal meetings with Sandycove management plus numerous informal discussions on individual and community issues


Highlights of these formal meetings included:


·        New Hub Recreation facility. Due to the continued economic uncertainty, this remains on hold although management believe that, provided nothing drastic happens, this project may be able to be reactivated in the not too distant future. We had discussed the possibility of temporary accommodations – however these have been proved impractical based on cost, washroom facilities etc. The possibility of minor structural alterations for short-term space efficiency is being investigated.


·        Recreation Centre Chairs. As many of you may have experienced, the existing chairs continue to cause problems where people trip on the flared legs. Sandycove have listened on this and have indicated a willingness to replace. However, this has not proved as simple as one might expect. Firstly, the needs for our facilities dictate that any chairs chosen must be stackable. Finding a chair without flared legs that stacks is not easy – especially as many straight leg chairs are easy to tip over; another important factor for us. Lastly, there are cost considerations when one realises that 500+ chairs are involved. I am pleased to say that what appears to be a suitable chair has been located. While the HOA is OK with this, we have recommended the Committees for each facility be consulted. Sandycove have indicated that, for budgetary reasons, replacement will be in stages – we have recommended that the table be done first


·        Roads and Drainage. These continue to be an issue and a subject of discussion – mostly on a case-by-case basis. As was done last year, this summer’s road program has been published in the Newsletter.


·        Channel 18. We have discussed the use of Channel 18. I would like to clarify what has been said and done in respect of this. We raised the question of the nature of what may be included on Channel 18 with reference to a specific subject – the announcement of memorial services. This led on to a more general discussion of the priorities for using Channel 18. Sandycove made the point that many residents have complained that, at times, the “cycle” of notices is too long. We expressed the opinion that the priority should be notices aimed at community information with personal notices having a lower priority. Contrary to what was published, we did not make specific requests. Based on this discussion, Sandycove have implemented a  time limit for the display of Birthday and Anniversary announcements. All other notices are unchanged.


·        Sandycove Sale Practices. We have continued to discuss this with Sandycove and will continue to do so. More about this later.


·        Improvements to facilities. As you will know, the improvements to shuffleboard and new pool tables discussed last year took place.


·        Rents. Last year we reported that we had looked for some rent relief for those in the higher rent range who pay proportionally more for the use of facilities. This was in fact done last year and, we are advised, will continue this year. Residents affected will see this in their renewal notices. One point – this “freeze” does NOT apply to property taxes! Management hope to continue with this policy – reviewing it yearly - until a more equitable balance of rents is obtained.


Events. During the year, we have held a number of events:


·        We once again held our annual Christmas lights competition –prizes donated by Sandycove. Those of us who drove around the park to judge saw many excellent displays.


·        Our New Years Social was well attended but, I regret to say, not to the extent of previous years. This meant that the Special meeting of the Association that was to be a part of this gathering had to be cancelled due to lack of a quorum


·        The annual Home Fair was, as always, a popular and extremely well attended occasion. This year we had a number of new vendors that added a lot of interest. As always, your ideas to help keep this event fresh and meaningful would be welcome.


·        Information Seminars. We were less active this year than we would wish with our Information Seminars. This was caused largely by difficulty in matching dates with relevant speakers. However, we did have excellent support for two seminars – Legal and Sandycove Sales practices. The latter came as a result of the discussions with management mentioned previously and clarified many points. A full report on this seminar is available on our web site. We have by no means abandoned this idea and planning for the fall will start immediately with the new Board – watch the newsletter.




·        We continue to look for ways to add value to your Association membership. One such benefit will be launched in the immediate future. We have been able to arrange a Group Insurance Plan. Available only to Association members, this will offer discounts on both property and vehicle insurance. Again, keep your eye on the Newsletter for more information.


Other plans for the coming year include


·        The VON SMART exercise program. This is designed specifically for seniors and is an extension of the existing one on one home program to a group environment 12-week program. The program is run by specifically trained personnel. This program is ready to go – sign up showed a high level of interest.


·        We plan to hold an all-candidates meeting for the upcoming Municipal elections and also a special seminar on mail-in voting.


·        We are also in the first stages of planning a series of residents “fireside chats” with Sandycove management. These are intended to promote positive discussion on life in Sandycove now and for the future. Look for dates and topics in the fall.


·        I would take a final moment to thank all of those, both from the executive and outside it, who have assisted behind the scenes at the various events; in setting up before the event and cleaning up after, helping with membership registration and working hard in the kitchen to arrange refreshments. My personal thanks to all concerned.