Present:    John Bicknell, Peggy Parker, Ted Gemmell, June Schwecke, Theresa Vanderlinden, Dave Cooper, Marilyn Pretty, Cliff Ashdown, Roy Bridge, Nola Wale.

Resigned: Joanne Gallinger

Call to Order: President John Bicknell called the meeting to order at 2pm.  John welcomed Councillor Dan Davidson and all members present.  Mayor Brian Jackson sent a message that he was not sure if he would be able to attend.

Opening: The meeting began with a minute of silence in memory of friends and neighbours who had passed during the year.

Minutes of the June 2008 Meeting: A motion to approve the minutes as posted prior to the meeting, moved by Wilf Wicklum and seconded by Alison Weller. Carried.

Treasurer’s Report: The complete Financial Report and Auditor’s Statement are attached to these minutes. It was motioned by George Sandilands and seconded by Wilf Wicklum that the report be accepted as read. Carried.

Councillor for Ward 5 in the Town of Innisfil, Dan Davidson was asked to give a report on council activities. He touched on the annexation results and was pleased that Barrie did not get all of the land they had hoped for.   He explained the new boundaries the Province had imposed. Mapleview Dr. has been paved.  The Big Bay Point development is going ahead. Environmental assessments will begin in September and it is expected that the project will move forward by this time next year. Council plans to fight for compensation for lands lost to Barrie.  Councillor Davidson said he had some time to answer questions before he moved on to another appointment.

Roy Bridge asked if Allandale Golf Course was included in the Annexation. Dan said it is still part of Innisfil. Dan explained that Big Bay Point Rd was basically divided in half with the North side going to Barrie and the South side staying in Innisfil. The Georgian College Staff training centre remains in Innisfil as well. 

Question from the floor on development of Canadian Tire and No Frills grocery store. Dan answered; they are going ahead at this time. The developers are being asked to meet all development requirements set down by The Town of Innisfil.

Director’s Reports:

Membership:  Dave Cooper gave a report on memberships.  The Association offers a free one year membership to newcomers who submit a membership form. We had 13 newcomers take advantage of this offer.  We have, to date, 421 members, 25 of whom signed up today.  (full report attached to these minutes)

Website:   Dave also reported on the website which he maintains throughout the year.  Dave reported that the website was started up in March 2008 and developed further in September 2008.  The website provides information on activities of the Board and also information that may be helpful to our members such as up coming events taking place and tips for Home Owners’.  An Archives section is maintained, Emergency Preparedness committee submits information and complaints submitted to the Board are also posted. The website averages 300 visitors per month. The cost for the website is shared with the computer club.  (Full report attached to these minutes)

Complaints:  This report was presented by Cliff Ashdown. Last year we received 12 complaints and this year there were 15.  Ninety percent of the complaints were regarding Roads and Drainage. One outstanding complaint is on Belle Isle Arm which regards drainage and is scheduled to be resolved in September of this year.  One other problem is outstanding but Cliff has been unable to get in touch with the people this past week. He encouraged members to file any complaints might occur and the Board would do their best to get them resolved.

Television Committee:  Given by Peggy Parker. Peggy reported a $30.00 increase in fees this year to 359.70.  Total Cable said the increases were a direct result of increases levied to them from various suppliers.  She explained the various additions and changes to the channels. Also, it was requested that High Definition service be made available by 2010. Total Cable agreed to this date.  They are experimenting to provide a limited number of free high definition channels although it will be neccessary to purchase the appropriate equipment. A general meeting is planned for next spring with Total Cable and they will be able to answer questions directly to residents. The meeting date will be published in the Newsletter or on Channel 18.  (Report attached to these minutes.)

President’s Report:   John Bicknell talked about the two formal meetings with Sandycove management. Several issues were raised at these two meetings and John reported on the highlights of these meetings. 

The question of increasing recreational facilities for residents has been discussed at several times.  Management while committed to building a new facility, are not prepared to go ahead at this time, due to the economic climate.  They are actively looking into supplying some temporary facilities. 

Regarding Roads and Drainage, Management said they make a list of work to be done each year and prioritize according to those that need attention immediately. This schedule can change due to damage caused by weather conditions or other reasons. Everyone who is affected by construction is advised when work will be started.

On the issue of unwelcome activities and visitors in the park, management are legally unable to act on this complaint and so it continues. We have met and talked to police on this matter and they are surveying this activity.

The Board also raised the issue of sales practices by Management when buying and selling homes.  Management has checked with staff and feel certain that the proper procedures are being carried out. 

Discussion was also raised on the treatment of weeds in the common areas. The problem now is, due to Provincial regulations, the only effective treatment needs to be watered heavily after application and this is not practical in the common areas. The only cure at the moment is cutting the grass more often.

The request for Tennis Courts and improved Shuffleboard facilities was raised.  Also a request for funding to replace 3 snooker tables with Pool tables. 

Management were not opposed to looking into Tennis Courts and will revisit the suggestion in 2010. They will take these 3 items under consideration.

Management announced they are concerned about the difference in maintenance fees and they are making plans to address this situation. An announcement will be forthcoming.

The Home Owners’ Association hosted a number of events this year. Some well attended, some not. 

         Last fall we hosted a very well attended All Candidates Meeting. John thanked Peggy Parker for chairing this event as John was unavailable.

         We sponsored the Christmas Lights Display contest with prizes provided by Sandycove.  Very good response, with several homes very well decorated.

         The Annual Home Fair is always a success and this year was very well attended. 

         The website is completely up and running thanks to many hours put in by Dave Cooper to make it very useful tool for providing information to residents.

         A new venture this year is a series of information seminars. Some were well attended, others not.  We do feel they should continue but we need input from Members as to what subjects you would like to have covered.

         The most recent event was the organizing of a special meeting, regarding annexation. The attendance was good considering the short notice.  Four buses travelled from the Town of Innisfil to Queen’s Park for a demonstration.

         The last event this year will be the Sandycove Health Fair. NIHS is co-hosting this event with us.  It takes place at the Wheel on June

         Finally, the Emergency Preparedness Committee, which has come under the umbrella of the Home Owners’ Assoc., feels that their mission is finished and they will be disbanding. Plans are in place by the County to provide assistance to communities. Watch the website and newsletter for more information.

John thanked the Executive and all others who have helped when needed.  Very much appreciated.

Roy asked for the microphone to let everyone know that the Pool tables have been approved and refurbishing of the shuffleboard courts is still under consideration.

The meeting was turned over to the Nominating and Election Chairman Wayne Whittaker for elections. There were 11 candidates running and so ballots were distributed with instructions on how the election would be carried out. Ballots were distributed and collected again for tallying.

While the tally was taking place the Board resumed taking questions from the floor.

John called the meeting back to order for questions from the general membership. Shirley Draves asked if anything could be done to regulate the temperature in the buildings. She plays cards and the group finds it very uncomfortable at times. They would like to see the committees for the halls take control of the thermostats to be adjusted as needed.

John said he had already passed this concern onto Sandycove. He has not as yet received a reply.  He did explain that the problem of doing this is the job does not get done.

She also asked if someone was looking after where people put clothes lines.  She felt they could become quite unsightly. Shirley also is concerned about improper use of clotheslines. John replied that Sandycove has set down guidelines for the installation of clotheslines and he suggested that anyone seeing improper use should write a complaint to Management and send a copy to the Board.

Marilyn Sehn asked if we might be able to have some lounge chairs added to the swimming decks.  John said we would be glad to present the request if a number of residents would be willing to sign a letter and address it to Sandycove as well as the Association.

Doreen Stokes asked if renting homes is allowed in Sandycove.  Ted Gemmel explained that under the Residential Tenancy Act we can rent our homes. You must get the approval of Sandycove Acres, however, you as the leaseholder, are fully responsible for any actions taken by the tenant and so it is not an advisable practice. She asked for clarification of a single family home.  John clarified that this is now an adult lifestyle community and all tenants need to be 18 years or older.  Sandycove has in the past made some exceptions in special circumstances.

Doreen Tilley mentioned that she was surprised one could rent their home. She raised the question of owning more than one home and renting one out.  John clarified that you would still be responsible for the actions of the tenants and you would need to get approval from Sandycove to do this.

Win Ferguson would like to see candidates running for the Board introduced and asked why they want to join the Board. Also, she said it states in our leases that all residents must be 18 years or older.

A gentleman asked about the swimming pool hours for children. It appears to be confusing and John will ask Sandycove to put a clarification on Channel 18. 

Wilf Wicklum asked how we selected exhibitors for the Home Fair and did we take into consideration the reputation of the vendors. He mentioned a bad experience with Handyman 4 You. John answered that any business having a display at the Home Fair is not an endorsement from the Board. We do take some care and diligence when selecting participants; however we cannot investigate all of them. If we have several complaints about a contractor we do not invite them to take part.  John said if you have a bad experience please let us know.

Election Results: John announced that Wayne was ready with the results of the ballots.  Wayne took the stage and announced the following had been elected as the new Board:

John Bicknell, Peggy Parker, June Schwecke, Theresa Vanderlinden, Ted Gemmel, Cliff Ashdown, Dave Cooper, Roy Bridge, Lynne Ellis, and Brenda Peters.

John thanked Wayne for his job as Chairman of the Election.

The transition meeting will take place at 6:30PM, Tuesday, July 7th. at the Hub.

John asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting.  So motioned by Bill Baxter. 

Next Annual General Meeting will be June 13th, 2010.