(a copy of the full report in Microsoft WORD is available by clicking here)


Present: John Bicknell, Ted Gemmell, Brenda Peters, Pat Whittaker, Cliff Ashdown, Dave Cooper, Sharon Raycraft, Ralph Heuvingh, Tim Tyler.  Absent – Lynne Ellis.


Call to Order: President John Bicknell called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m. John introduced the current Officers and Directors and then asked members to observe a minute of silence in memory of members of our community who had passed since the 2010 Annual General Meeting.


Minutes of the 2010 Annual General Meeting: The minutes having been posted as required by the Constitution, the meeting was asked to accept them as so posted. A motion to accept was proposed and seconded from the floor and carried without objection.


Treasurer’s Report. Pat Whittaker presented the audited Financial Report [see Appendix to the Minutes] for the 2010/2011 fiscal year. The meeting was asked to accept the report.  A motion to accept was proposed and seconded from the floor and carried without objection.


Director’s Reports. Reports were presented by Directors as follows:


Membership – Ted Gemmell:


At the end of last year (2010), membership totalled 476, including 72 free memberships extended to new residents. Since most of the free memberships were not being renewed, the Board decided stop offering them.


Paid-up members to date this year are 356 plus to-day’s renewal of 16 for a total of 372.


Again, we are grateful to the Transportation Committee for their assistance in collecting membership fees at the phone desk on Mon., Wed. and Fri.


Web Site – Dave Cooper:


The Sandycove Acres Home Owners Association Web Site was introduced in March 2008 and has continued to develop and expand reporting on the many activities of Sandycove Acres. This site is managed and maintained by the Sandycove Acres Home Owners Association for the residents of Sandycove. Space on our web site is also provided to the Sandycove Computer Club and the Barrie Chapter of CARP (started in April) for an annual fee. We are proud to regularly report on;


       Current and Special Events which are highlighted monthly

       Who we are and our accomplishments

       Newsletters and upcoming events

       Seminars planned and previous

       Activities – schedules of HUB, SPOKE, WHEEL and the VET’S Club are updated monthly

       Home Owner tips – Tenancies Act, Home Repairs and Selling your House

       Archives – Home Fair, Alternative Living Fair, Social Events and Seminars completed

       Emergency Preparedness events and information

       Links of interest to Seniors and Residents


The site is regularly reviewed by  



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Complaints – Cliff Ashdown:


There have been only six complaints from residents this year, all of which have been resolved. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Steve from Sandycove maintenance for his cooperation in resolving issues.


Television – Tim Tyler


What I hope to do in this particular presentation is to bring you up to date with the progress being made towards the improvement of television service within the park. Dale and his company, Total Cable Service, have put significant capital and resource investment into the upgrades being made to the television system/network that we have. The new digital/high definition service will be phased in over the course of this year (mindful of both the finances and time required), starting with the North side (the location of the communications tower).


Total Cable Service will be able to offer approximately 550 channels compressed into 12 digital channels and also offer programming for an analog channel for those residents who choose to remain with the older, analog-style television. To do this, Dale has bought the necessary hardware over time (looking ahead to the way the industry has been developing), has upgraded a tremendous amount of television cable, has installed a main power line within a three foot deep trench running from the shed at the North side swimming pool to the communications tower and boosted the power of the system to around 600 megahertz. Dale has also reduced the spacing between distribution points in order to increase the bandwidth and subsequently improve both picture reception and picture quality. He hopes to have the North Side finished by the end of the summer and move into the South Side sometime later in the fall for the digital conversion.


Dale will be offering approximately 15 digital packages. A digital box comes with this new technology, with the option of renting the box or purchasing it outright. If you buy one or more digital packages, you must also buy the enhanced package (ie. all 51 channels that are presently offered). He will keep the analog package for those who wish it. Dale’s major television contract continues to be with Shaw Communications (which has since also bought out Can-West Global Communications in Western Canada – Global TV). While I am on the topic of Shaw Communications, I would like to explain why we have the predominately Detroit/Chicago station feeds rather than the Buffalo station feeds. The simple reason is that there are no agreements between Shaw Communications and the Buffalo television networks. The only reason we have WNED Buffalo (the PBS station) is because it was mandated by the CRTC as a result of a huge public outcry. Dale also had a contract with the CTV networks until CTV was bought out by Bell Media (as of April 1, 2011).  Most service contracts with program providers are usually 5 years in length, but Dale has been forced to accept six-month contracts only for the time being, until Bell gets its package offerings sorted out. He is probably going to have to accept packages that are less appealing than what he used to get from just dealing with CTV before the takeover. Dale’s package, it seems, is “too good to be allowed to continue as such” from Bell’s point of view.


For 2011, the price for the year with the enhanced package will be $399 taxes included. Dale always has to present and justify his prices to Sandy Cove management. They are concerned that there has to be fairness with respect to the charges he puts forward. As of now, the 51 channels and their location on the TV guide will remain status quo. However, somewhere in the future, there will be changes made to the channel line-up and possibly some channels removed altogether.


Another improvement Dale has made is in the distribution segmenting area. What this means essentially is that only certain area's of the park need to be shut down for servicing, not the whole park or the whole one side of the park. At present, the North side is divided into four areas so that only one area and not all four would be shut down for necessary repairs. For the South side, the number of areas is still to be determined as its geography is very different from the North side. But this “segmenting” will eventually happen on the South side over the next several months.  


On a personal note about two to three months ago I phoned Dale about the poor picture quality we had been getting for nearly two weeks. It turned out to be a mixture of deteriorating cable and stagnant water. Within a few days the water problem was cleaned up, new cable had replaced old, and the picture on our two televisions was excellent – the difference between night and day. I called him to thank him for what he had done and the tremendous improvement to the picture quality on our televisions. He appreciated the call and the thanks, something which, it seems, he gets in short supply. 


So, please be patient as these improvements in your television service are being made. It should be well worth the wait!


Emergency Preparedness – Sharon Raycraft:


The Emergency Preparedness Committee currently has 7 volunteer members and we would welcome more. We are making the focus of our work to help residents help themselves to the prepared for an emergency.


The defibrillators located at the Hub, the Spoke and the Woodworkers’ Shop are being maintained by the Simcoe County Paramedics and the cost has been assumed by Sandycove Acres Management. The contract for maintaining the defibrillators also includes yearly t raining sessions in CPR and the use of the defibrillators and this was done on May 22nd. We hope that there will be continued interest in these training sessions.


A brochure outlining the mandate of the Emergency Preparedness Committee and providing emergency telephone numbers and other tips has been prepared. The brochure was handed out at the Home Fair and will be available at the Health Fair. We have asked Sandycove Acres Management to include an Emergency Preparedness Committee brochure with the package presently being provided to all new residents.


The Committee has also developed a Questionnaire for residents to complete; the information taken from the Questionnaire is being used to set up a system to provide First Responders such as the Fire Department and Paramedic Services with information which will allow them to assist those most in need first in the case of an emergency situation. The Questionnaire was handed out at the Home Fair and was included in the May and June newsletters. To date the response has been excellent. We have requested that this Questionnaire, along with the letter explaining its purpose, also be included in the package provided to new residents. 


The Committee also reintroduced the Vial of Life at the Home Fair. Many new residents were not aware of this possibly life-saving, free and easy to use item. A number of residents who received the Vial of Life in a previous promotion in Sandycove Acres were reminded to update their information in the Vial as well.


The Committee is currently preparing for a meeting with the Town of Innisfil and the County of Simcoe o determine a number of issues related to their responsibilities and plans of action for Sandycove Acres in the event of an emergency. The Committee has completed research into Federal, Provincial, County and Municipal emergency planning to determine which entities will be most responsible for Sandycove Acres. Based on those findings we can direct the appropriate enquiries to the appropriate government agencies. One of the plans currently in place is to have a Seminar, presented by the Emergency Preparedness Committee and the County, for the residents of Sandycove about emergency preparedness and the roles of the Government entities and the residents. We currently have a number of government publications that are available to the residents to inform and assist them in being prepared.


Sandycove Acres Management has continued to be greatly involved with the Emergency Preparedness Committee and includes this as part of the agenda at Home Owner and Management meetings. Without their support it would be difficult to continue our efforts to assist Sandycove residents.


President’s Report – John Bicknell:


In addition to the activities as already reported by the appropriate Directors, we have continued to interact with Sandycove management on both an issue-by-issue basis and in our regular formal meetings. Highlights of these formal meetings included:











EVENTS. During the year, we have held a number of events:


·        The first event of the year was the All-Candidates meeting for the Municipal elections. This was a fairly lively evening with good participation.


·        We added a new event this year – the Seniors Alternative Living Fair. This event was designed to give residents an opportunity to find out about some of the options that are available to them if and when the time comes to move on from Sandycove. A big part of this, we felt, was that people should be able to consider their options before they come under pressure from life events. This was well attended for a new event and we plan to make it a regular feature of our program – possible every other year.


·        Next came Our annual Christmas Lights competition –prizes donated once again by Sandycove –  many excellent displays were seen


·        Our New Years Social was well attended as always


·        The annual Home Fair was, as always, a popular and extremely well attended occasion. Given that the weather was, frankly, terrible, this was remarkable and our thanks to all those that braved the elements. As always, your ideas to help keep this event fresh and meaningful would be welcome.


·        All- Candidates Meeting – Federal Election. Once again we were able to provide a good audience for the six candidates. I think it is worth noting that all the major candidates took an opportunity to tell us that the Sandycove meetings are, of all the meetings that they go to, ours are the best supported, the best organized and the best run.


·        Information Seminars. These are member only events. We had good turnouts – especially for two by Innisfil Hydro in respect of Time of Use Pricing and Energy saving. Once again, the Legal seminar concerning issues for seniors was very popular. Other Seminars were held on Mail-In voting [which we opened to all residents] and our Group Insurance Plan. We will start the program again in the fall – so watch for details in the Newsletter and on our web site.




·        VON EXERCISE PROGRAM. This has proved very popular and has expanded considerably since it’s inception. Unfortunately, space limitations have prevented meeting the demands for participation and we will continue to try to find more time slots. Special thanks are due to Pat Whittaker for putting in many hours organizing this. Although Pat will not be standing as a Director this year, she will be continuing with the program as a resource person for the Executive.


·        INSPIRING INNISFIL 2020. As most of you will know, this is the program to develop and implement the planned growth of Innisfil over a ten-year period. Our involvement started when we were invited by the Town to hold a public meeting with the town’s consultants to give our input. Although the meeting was not heavily attended, we were able to give valuable information and were complimented on the quality thereof. This led to two of our Executive [John Bicknell & Dave Cooper] being among 100 “community leaders” who were involved in further planning and review meetings. Through this process we have been able to stress issues of concern to Sandycove; in particular public transit, medical care and environmental issues. Most recently we attended a special Council Meeting to hear and comment on the current status. We expect to continue involvement with this vital matter.







 “FIRESIDE CHATS” WITH SANDYCOVE MANAGEMENT. These are intended to promote positive discussion on life in Sandycove now and for the future. Look for dates and topics in the fall.


I would take a final moment to thank all of those, both from the executive and outside it, who have assisted behind the scenes at the various events; in setting up before the event and cleaning up after, helping with membership registration and working hard in the kitchen to arrange refreshments. My personal thanks to all concerned.



Election of 2011/2012 Directors: Before temporarily adjourning the meeting for the election, the President thanked outgoing Directors Pat Whittaker and Lynne Ellis for their contributions to the Association. He also expressed thanks to Roy Bridge who had stood down as a Director during the year for personal reasons.


The Nominating Chairperson – Eric Fellows – had prepared a slate of candidates but was unable, due to ill health, to be present. Wayne Whittaker had therefore undertaken to deputize for him. Wayne advised the meeting that Eric had received a full slate of ten [10] candidates and that it was not therefore necessary to seek nominations from the floor. Wayne pronounced the slate as listed below to be duly elected as Directors.


Cliff Ashdown, John Bicknell, Adele Boulding, Dave Cooper. Ted Gemmell, Ralph Heuvingh, Brenda Peters, Sharon Raycraft, Tim Tyler, Melle Van Strien.


The meeting then re-convened with the floor being opened to members questions.


The President thanked members for attending and the meeting was adjourned at 3.16pm.









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