Present:          John Bicknell, Dave Cooper, Adele Boulding, Sharon Raycraft, Ted Gemmell, Cliff Ashdown, Pat Porth, Patricia Whittaker, Jack Blenkinsop and Paul Martel

Call to Order

President John Bicknell called the meeting to order at 2:05 p.m. and welcomed all of those in attendance.

Introduction of Current Executive

President Bicknell introduced the current Officers and Directors.

Opening – Minute of Silence

President Bicknell asked members to observe a minute of silence in memory of members of our community who had passed since the 2012 Annual General Meeting.

Minutes of the 2012 Annual General Meeting

The Minutes having been posted as required by the Constitution, the meeting was asked to accept them as so posted.  A motion to accept was proposed by James Payne, seconded by Wilf Wicklum and carried without objection.

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Adele Boulding presented the audited Financial Report (see Appendix  to the Minutes) for the 2012/2013 fiscal year.  The meeting was asked to accept the report.  A motion to accept was proposed by Wayne Whittaker and seconded by Janet Cosgrove and carried without objection.

Directors’ Reports

Reports were presented by Directors as follows:

Membership – Paul Martel

At this time last year we had a membership of 428.  This year we have to date 367 for a loss of 61 memberships.  We have received 6 renewals today increasing the number of memberships to a total of 378.

We are extremely grateful to the Medical Rides Committee for their assistance in collecting membership fees at the phone desk in the lower level of the Hub on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of each week.

Civic Affairs – Dave Cooper

Over the past year I have been involved in a couple of Town of Innisfil initiatives on behalf of the Home Owners Association.  INSPIRING INNISFIL has been a planning project that is forming the model for future development and activities in the Town of Innisfil.  Recently a major update of the plan was made through public consultation and resulted in a fresh look at healthcare in Innisfil.

EVENTS’ PLANNING has recently been a major topic in that the Town wants to revise By-Laws relating to various events.  This could be a major impact for our community as we have over 125 events during the course of the year that could be impacted by this new By-Law.  With input from the 3 recreation halls committees, I attended a number of meetings to express our thoughts and concerns.

A number of other areas have been addressed during the year with Library Services and Town Public Relations and communications in an effort to maintain the Sandycove Acres residents’ presence in the community.

Community Healthcare

The Home Owners is active in working with local community groups to help improve the healthcare services in our community.  Working with the Health Fair Committee this year we were able to have 3 primary healthcare providers speak at the November Fair.   The following is a brief summary of those activities.  Please refer to for more details.

The NORTH INNISFIL HEALTH SERVICES (NIHS) - This advisory group has been operating in the Sandycove area since 1997.  It was originally very instrumental in bringing medical services to Sandycove.  Members include representatives from the surrounding community and Sandycove Acres as well as Sandycove management and in the last 2 years a representative from the Home Owners Association.   This group’s primary purpose is to facilitate and/or bring primary health care services in the North Innisfil area which is now especially relevant with the closure of the BCHC offices in Sandycove Plaza in May 2011.

Innisfil Community Health Committee (ICHC) - I was appointed by council and continue to participate in this group which was formed in August 2011.  This Committee is an Innisfil-wide group tasked with the challenge of bringing Primary Healthcare services to the Town of Innisfil.   It is chaired by our local Councillor Maria Baier and has an active committee of 10, including the Mayor and representing the Sandycove Acres community are myself, Pat Dryden and Rod Rice. 

Primary healthcare in Innisfil is the key mandate of this committee and although there has been a number of “healthy community” initiatives little progress has been made for bringing primary healthcare back into our community.  The ICHC meets regularly at Town hall and its’ minutes are submitted to Council as a matter of record.   Thank you to those of you that participated in a couple of focus groups and meetings that was part of the fact gathering portion of the committee’s efforts.    Please refer to for more details.

In summary and to repeat last year’s comments, the whole issue of Community Healthcare is a vital concern in Sandycove.  The Home Owners Association has made a commitment to support the on-going efforts to bring Primary Healthcare back into the North Innisfil community.   If you have any further questions or would like to volunteer to work on this effort please contact me following the meeting or e-mail me through the web site.

Web Site – Dave Cooper

The Sandycove Acres Home Owners Association Web Site was introduced in March 2008 and has continued to develop and expand reporting on the many activities of Sandycove Acres.   This site is managed and maintained by the Sandycove Acres Home Owners Association for the residents of Sandycove.  Space on our web site is also provided to the Sandycove Computer Club and the Barrie Chapter of CARP for an annual fee.  Some of the key subjects regularly report on:

       Current and Special Events which are highlighted monthly

       Newsletters and Seminars

       Emergency Preparedness events and information

       Healthcare in Innisfil reports from Town & North Innisfil Committees

       Activities – schedules of HUB, SPOKE, WHEEL and the VET’S Club are updated monthly – events of each club are highlighted

       Home Owner tips – Tenancies Act, Home Repairs and Selling your House

       Archives – maintains reports from past years.

The site is regularly visited by/reviewed by  


HOA Visits

Total Activity  (all 3 sites)

June 2013 (projected)



May 2013



April 2013



March 2013



February 2013



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December 2012



November 2012



October 2012



September 2012



August 2012



July 2012




Television and Internet – John Bicknell

As most of you will be aware, Digital TV service has been rolled out as forecast last year and, as a result of implementing the new physical network, Internet service over the cable system has been added. This has resulted in improved internet reliability as well as several speed options. There have, unfortunately been cost increases due to the continuing trend towards monopoly of sources – Bell & Rogers – but we believe these are unavoidable and have not been applied to our bills in an unreasonable manner.

Total Cable/Nextcom are planning to add home phone service to their offerings later this year and it is expected that this will provide a financial advantage to residents in respect of long distance charges.

We will continue to work in respect of both TV and Internet to provide residents with cost effective choices in this ever developing area.

Emergency Preparedness – Sharon Raycraft

In the year since the 2012 Annual General Meeting, your Emergency Preparedness Committee has been busy in its attempts to provide information to the residents about the need to be prepared in case of a serious emergency. 

We are still putting the Questionnaire regarding health issues that might put a resident in need of assistance in an evacuation situation in the Newsletter every couple of months.  When the questionnaire is completed by the resident, it provides information that will be made available to the First Respondents about residents in need of assistance, be it due to mobility issues, medical issues and even residents living alone.  The information collected by the Emergency Preparedness Committee is kept confidential at all times and only the information needed to assist the resident in time of emergency is passed on to the First Responders.  At this time there are more than 200 individual residents registered for this assistance.  Some members of the EPC have spent a considerable amount of time making sure the list made available to the First Responders is up-to-date and can be referenced by the resident’s name, the resident’s address, or the medical condition’s severity. 

1.      The Committee had booths at the Health Fair held in November and the Home Fair which was held in April.  Literature was made available about “211 Ontario” and on how to be prepared for at least 72 hours.

2.      CPR and defibrillator training was provided free of charge to a total of 26 residents in September and October, 2012 and we have are presently making arrangements for more training sessions.  Residents currently on a waiting list will be contacted with the date of their training session which will most likely be in September and October.  If you are interested in signing up, please contact a member of the EPC. 

3.      Cooling centres were made available in the summer of 2012 during the high heat days.  We hope to continue this practice with the assistance of the Wheel and Spoke facilities.

4.       At a meeting between the HOA and Sandycove Acres the EPC asked that a defibrillator be installed at the Wheel facility as there has not been one put there.  We were advised by SCA that there will be 2 defibrillators installed at the Wheel which will service both the old and new portions of the Wheel.

5.      On May 10, 2013 the EPC celebrated Emergency Preparedness Day by having the First Responders available for the residents to speak with as well as exhibits provided by the County of Simcoe Emergency Management Team, the Innisfil Fire Department, South Simcoe Police, Red Cross, St. John’s Ambulance, County of Simcoe Paramedics,  Access Medical Response and the Barrie Amateur Radio Club.  Although the day turned out to be cool and wet, a number of residents braved the weather to pop into the Hub to talk to the First Responders and partake of some free muffins, coolies and sandwiches.  There was a ‘donation bottle’ and we collected $188.75 to go to the Innisfil Food Bank.    Thanks to ladies of the Helping Hands for running the Café.    If you visit the SCA Homeowners’ website, you will find a link to the Emergency Preparedness Committee’s page which highlights a number of pictures taken at this event.  Our thanks go out to Sandycove Acres Ltd, the Wheel and the Hub for their co-operation in setting up this event.

At the EP Day many high profile ‘fire responders’ such as the Fire Chief were in attendance to answer your questions.  If we do this again, in whatever format, please take this opportunity to meet your first responders and questions them about those things that worry you.

We are always in need of volunteers.  We are always open to hear your concerns and will answer your questions or find answers to your questions whenever we can. 

Accessibility – Pat Porth

The accessibility committee has been working closely with Sandycove management in efforts to enhance the accessibility of all aspects of the public buildings in the park, particularly the washrooms. We had hoped to announce virtually immediate work on an accessible washroom for The Spoke, where we feel the need is greatest. The Homeowners’ Association would apply for a Trillium Foundation grant, with the work of course being undertaken under management’s direction. Unfortunately, we’ve had to postpone the grant application until the fall, but hope to see it go forward at that time. In the meantime, we’re pleased to announce that the washrooms in the extension to The Wheel are fully accessible, and there is a stair lift to take persons who need it to the basement in the extension. Further tweaks to enhance accessibility are promised, and plans are in the works, although not imminent, for an elevator in The Hub.

Community Events – Ted Gemmell

Health Fair Nov. 10, 2012

*        exhibitors - 32 invited

*        16 prizes donated.

*        In excess of 250 attended.

*        The addition of the guest speakers was a great success.   Taking a chance on this concept was risky but it paid off. 

*        I believe this was one of our best efforts ever.

Open House Jan. 6, 2013

About 150 people attended this annual wine and cheese event in January to enjoy the hospitality of the HOA and get an update on current events from the President. We’d like to see more residents at this function, so we will be looking at some incentives to increase the turnout next January.

Home Fair April 13, 2013.

*        36 exhibitors attended

*        In excess of 200 people attended.

*        We had a total of 46 prize winners.

*        Exhibitors were generally pleased with the response.

*        All in all, it was a successful day.

President’s Report

It is now time for the annual President’s Report which will be a little shorter than in previous years due to the extensive reports already presented by individual directors.


I think that I would characterise the past 12 months as “steady” without – happily - any of the major events that we have seen in recent years.

GENERAL COMMUNITY ISSUES: We have continued to interact with Sandycove management on both an issue-by-issue basis and in regular formal meetings. In addition to the activities as already reported on, I would like to comment on a few specific issues as follows:

·        Wheel Upgrade. While taking longer than expected the extension is progressing and should be available for use by September.  The basic structural part of the building is complete.  The exterior finishes will also be done to the existing Wheel. There will be WIFI capability as well as hardwiring for internet connection within the extension.  As a result of an issue we had raised at the planning stage, a chair lift is being installed on one set of stairs to the lower level accessible from the northern portion of the outside of the building.  The chair lift can be used for individuals; however, it cannot accommodate wheelchairs or scooters. 

The main level will be 100% wheelchair accessible, including the washrooms, and can be accessed from the existing portion of the Wheel as well. 

EVENTS           During the year, we have held a number of events:

·        Ted Gemmell has already reported on the Health and Home Fairs.

·        The annual Christmas Lights competition – prizes donated once again by Sandycove – the standard was again very high. I must remark on the tremendous support for the Rotary Candy Cane Express food drive for the needy of Innisfil which was, for 2012, extended to two nights. As always, Sandycove came through big time with over 1200 pounds of food and over $300 in cash donations. This far exceeded anyone’s expectations – well done to all! I hope we can do it again this year.

·        Our New Year’s Social, with Mayor Baguley in attendance, was well received as usual.

·        Information Seminars. Adele Boulding once again arranged a variety of topics including Funeral Planning, Hydro saving, Gardening and the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre. Attendance was somewhat varied – from surprisingly high to unfortunately low. We would ask for your support in next year’s program and, most importantly, your input as to what you would like to see.


·        VON EXERCISE PROGRAM: Under the leadership of Pat Whittaker, this continues to be a very popular program; limited – regrettably – by available hall space.

·        COMPLAINTS: Under the guidance of Cliff Ashdown for a number of years, this function works with individual members and Sandycove to resolve specific issues. I am happy to say that the need for this role has diminished over the last few years but it remains a vital part of our portfolio.


In summing up, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my fellow Directors for their efforts in planning, organizing and staging these various events.  As you may imagine, a substantial amount of sub-committee time is required to put all the parts in place. And this is, of course, in addition to the time needed for the “routine” activities that Directors engage in on behalf of the Association in respect of their individual responsibilities.

I would also like to thank those outside the executive who have assisted behind the scenes at the various events; in setting up before the event and cleaning up after, helping with membership registration and working in the kitchen to arrange refreshments. My personal thanks to all concerned.

Thanks to Outgoing Directors

Before temporarily adjourning the meeting for the election, the President thanked outgoing Directors Cliff Ashdown, Adele Boulding, Patricia Whittaker, Dave Cooper and Sharon Raycraft for their contributions to the Association.

Election of 2013/14 Directors

The Nominating Chairperson – Wayne Whittaker,   stated that he had received the names of 4 persons who wished to join the Board of Directors of the Homeowners’ Association for the term of 2013/2014.  When asked if any attendee was interested in joining the Board, Wilf Wicklum put himself forward.  At this point, as there were now 5 persons wishing and willing to fill the 5 vacant chairs on the Board of Directors of the Homeowners’ Association, Wayne declared that no election was necessary as the slate was full. 

Wayne pronounced the slated as listed below to be duly elected as Directors.

Introduction of New Board of Directors for 2013/14.

John Bicknell

Ted Gemmell

Paul Martel

Pat Porth

Jack Blenkinsop

Phyllis Bier

Bev Kemp

Bikram Lamba

Jean LaPlante

Wilf Wicklum

Questions from the Floor

There were 4 questions from the floor:

Question 1:  Will there be changes made to the original Wheel building to allow access to those with mobility issues to use the lower level – shuffleboard, pool tables, etc.? 

Answer:   The HOA was involved in convincing Sandycove Acres Ltd to make the lower level of the addition (exercise area) accessible by having a chairlift installed.  The HOA will continue to, through the Accessibility Committee and its own efforts, to press Sandycove Acres Ltd to make the lower level of the existing Wheel accessible as well.

Question 2:     Why is Sandycove Acres Ltd reluctant to step in and require residents to maintain their homes, lawns and other areas?

Answer:   The leases for the land on which the homeowner resides does contain certain requirements for the maintenance of the property and Sandycove Acres Ltd will address complaints in that regard by contacting the resident by letter and if necessary completing work on the LAND which is leased and will attempt to charge the resident for that work.  This may entail adding the costs to a monthly payment made by the resident (if using an ADP – authorized debit payment – or billing the resident).  Attempting to get maintenance down on the actual house is a little more difficult as the resident owns the house, while SCA owns the land.  Letters are sent out to residents whose houses do not meet the general esthetic or safety requirements expected in Sandycove Acres.

Question 3:     Is there any road maintenance scheduled for this year?  The roads in the North Park are in poor condition.

Answer:    A list of road work to be done this year will be published next week.

Question 4:     Is the HOA willing to work with the Town of Innisfil and the City of Barrie to get transit available between SCA, the Barrie GO station and other areas of Innisfil?

Answer:   While the talks about this happening are still in early stages, the HOA will definitely support Sandycove Acres and its residents in letting the Town and City how much this service is needed.


Refreshments were served.


The President thanked the members for attending and the meeting adjourned at 3:00 p.m.

The attendance was 65 plus 10 Board Members.