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Community Life Newsletter October 2020.pdf    (Correction:  the newsletter mentioned that your "blue" bin items should be bagged - should  say "green" bin.)


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Community Life Newsletter June 2020.pdf   - please note the following clarification to the June Newsletter re the Brown Storage Sheds.    

I would like to clarify this topic about renting brown sheds as noted in the newsletter.


I have mentioned in my previous coffee chats that those that are entitled to a brown shed which came with the purchase of their home or in their lease, will not be charged for using a brown storage shed.


Those that moved in after a given date (to be provided) may not be entitled to a brown shed and there are many other factors that may exclude or include them. We will work with these on an individual basis.


There will be brown sheds available to rent to those that want them and since there are not enough sheds for everyone, it will be on a bases of lease start date.


There is nothing you need to do right now at all.


You will all receive a letter in the mail with clear details and instructions and I will let everyone know when they are being mailed out.


Thank you for your cooperation and I apologize if I created a bit of excitement this afternoon.


Mirka Rollason  - Property Manager

Community Life Newsletter May 2020.pdf


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Community Life Newsletter March SPECIAL 2020.pdf - please note: special message sent March 27th re VIRUS and status of Sandycove Acres facilities and activities.


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