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We are an Adult/Retirement lifestyle community located in Innisfil, Ontario, Canada

Website Updated – June 8, 2024

Annual General Meeting

By now Association members should have received their members’ Annual General Meeting package by mail.  If you think you will be away for the meeting, you have the opportunity to have your vote count by filling in the proxy(s).  All you need to do is fill out the members’ proxy form(s) included in the package as per instructions and return as instructed by June 14 5:00 p.m.  Please do not send or drop off at the Parkbridge office – this is an HOA event and has nothing to do with Parkbridge.  This is the Home Owners’ Association Annual General Meeting.  If you are a member, you have a vote.  Don’t miss your opportunity to vote if you think you can’t attend.  If you do happen to send in a proxy(s) but later find you can attend, we will cancel the proxy(s) and give you a ballot so you can now vote in person.  Remember, the deadline for receipt of proxies is June 14 5:00 p.m.

The members’ mailing for the Annual General Meeting June 23 was delivered to the Post Office this past Friday. You should be getting some of them by June 1, 2024 or email us at info@scahomeowners.com If have not received a mailing, contact us and we can give you further information how to obtain another copy.

THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS https://scahomeowners.com

Password for HOA Minutes of Association Business

The Board of Director’s Minutes, AGM Minutes, Member Forums and Seminar Presentations are all password protected. If you are a member of the Home Owners’ Association, in good standing, you can request the password by sending an email to hoawebpass@outlook.com One of the directors will contact you by phone or email. Do not copy or send this password to anybody. Have them send an email to the above email address. This helps to secure the password.

Many Years of Support Recognized

Last year at our 2023 Annual General Meeting our President Linda Morris presented a certificate and gift card to Dave Cooper for the many years of support that he has provided to the HOA. Dave was instrumental in the creation and maintainence of the HOA website for many years. Mr Cooper also was part of the creation of the HOA Community Directory which is still in use today. We would also like to thank his wife, Lillian Cooper, for supporting him during this time.

Dave stepping down after many years of service.

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AGM package Mailed - Friday, May 3, 2024

The package 5 pages used for voting at the June 23, 2024 Annual General Meeting (AGM).


The Social Clubs of SANDYCOVE ACRES These groups and many others all help to create the lifestyle that makes Sandycove what it is today. Sandycove Acres is a great place to be in large part due to the 3 very active volunteer SOCIAL CLUBS in Sandycove. Check out these groups by clicking here or on the respective halls shown by clicking on Hall Activities (Calendars)in the menu above – CLICK HERE

DID YOU KNOW virtually every activity in Sandycove Acres is run by volunteers?. How important are they???? Lots of time and effort by exceptional folks who want to have everyone enjoy their favourite activity. Well the time is fast approaching where clubs, groups and other activities are looking for folks to help out in the next year. What can you offer?? Call someone to find out how you can help. This community has tremendous opportunities – can you help?? Check out this web site to see those activities – sign up and participate. For more info please e-mail us at info@scahomeowners.com

To JOIN the Sandycove Acres Home Owners’ Association please click here to get your membership application form. When completed, and accompanied with the membership fee of only $10.00, please drop it of with a Board member. The form is also used to renew annual memberships. Memberships can also be renewed at any event that is sponsored by the Sandycove Acres Home Owners’ Association, click here to view


211 IS HERE TO HELP – 211

is a three-digit phone number that provides information about and referral to community and social services in Ontario. Information and Referral Specialists are caring, understanding and knowledgeable, and pride themselves on their ability to connect you with the services you need. This service is also available at www.211ontario.ca


The Sandycove Acres Community Directory is available and is managed by the Home Owners’ Association.You must be a resident of Sandycove Acres to be listed.
If you’re not in the directory CLICK HERE TO VIEW Complete the appropriate section of the form and follow the instructions. Don’t forget to sign the form. we  cannot except the form without signatures.

To go to the Community Directory – CLICK HERE TO VIEW For further information about this Community Directory website please contact us  info@scahomeowners.com

The “HOAeBulletin”

The HOAeBulletin are solely dedicated to current Association and Sandycove Acres community matters. In line with our commitment to openness and transparency, it is available to all members, in good standing with the Homeowners’ Association. To receive the eBulletin simply send an e-mail to HOAeBulletin@gmail.com  with the subject line “Get HOAeBulletin”.



This feature shows a compilation of recent bulletins/notices sent out via e-mail by the Sandycove Acres Home Owners’ Association to Residents of Sandycove Acres updating current issues and highlighting current points of interest and/or concerns in our community.


   June 2024

The Newsletter is available on this web site. Newsletters are also AVAILABLE throughout the community. The printed copies of the newsletter are for those folks that don’t have internet or the ability to print. – CLICK HERE

Mobile Seniors - Active Innisfil

Copied from the Spring/Summer Active Innisfil for the Town of Innisfil Recreation Programs & Camps


at the Innisfil Beach Road site offers FREE courses on many topics including WORD, EXCEL, FACEBOOK, E-MAIL, Intros to COMPUTERS and INTERNET, etc. CLICK on the LOGO and check out the schedule of events at the NEW Town library.