Member Forums

Member Forums are presented on a quarterly basis for members to keep them up to date on issues and challenges facing the residents of Sandycove Acres. This process was started in early 2018 as a means to help improve the communications within Sandycove Acres.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the CORVID-19 Virus precautions the halls where closed and no further Forums where announced. Watch for scheduled Forums coming soon in 2022.

UPDATE – TEMPORARY WINTER ENCLOSURES: As promised at our November 17th Forum, the following is the current situation with respect to Enclosures. Further discussions with senior management took place during the past week. On more than one occasion a statement of Parkbridge’s final answer was promised but, unfortunately has not been received. However, we do have – in writing – the statement by Parkbridge that they will not act, with staff or contractors, to remove enclosures that have not been taken down by the deadlines stated generally or specifically to individuals. Of course, the decision to remove is up to each individual but it would appear, hopefully, that some compromise will be possible. We will of course update everyone further as and when we ourselves are informed. ISSUED BY John Bicknell – President, Sandycove Acres Home Owners’ Association

What are the COMMUNITY STANDARDS?? Asked at the May 26th meeting. Recently they are being applied to the place we live in. Your Home Owners asked for details and we have received some. Please click here.

MEMBER FORUM UPDATE: As discussed at Member Forum 4 in October we have continued to research the reason that the MPAC assessment notice sent with the property tax adjustment from Parkbridge states 2016 as the assessment year rather than that of the re-assessment. The answer is as follows. For reasons unknown MPAC does not change the “heading” on the notices. BUT they do add in small print] the changed date as shown in the illustration below:

This means that the notice is the one used for current taxes.

Furthermore, we understand that some residents have been endeavouring to obtain assessments prior to 2016 without success. It appears that 2016 was the first time that individual notices were made available by MPAC for Sandycove residents. PLEASE NOTE: This does NOT mean that our homes were not assessed – and taxed – individually; simply that no notices were given. Nevertheless it should be possible to obtain the information from MPAC or the Town of Innisfil. Please be aware that the Association can not obtain this information for you due to privacy reasons.

July 29th, 2018Updates on the July 20th meeting with the Landlord Tenant Board and more info re leases and water and sewer charges are available by clicking here for the full PowerPoint presentation.

April 29th, 2018 Although there was some difficulties making the PC work Home Owners President John Bicknell made a very informed and interesting presentation covering recent and current issues in Sandycove Acres. Click here to view the PowerPoint presentation that John was following.

February 11th, 2018 The Forum was attended by 98 members [plus the Board of Directors] despite very bad weather conditions. Click here to view the PowerPoint presentation in support of the following report.

The first part of the meeting was a special presentation titled “Why Does My Rent Keep Changing? This was felt to be desirable due to numerous calls received by the Association after the receipt of the often confusing notices issued by Parkbridge. The presentation covered, with examples, the notices with respect to Property Taxes, annual Guideline Increases (as set out by the Provincial Government) and Above Guideline Increases (AGIs). With respect to the latter, it also provided details of what Parkbridge may apply for, what qualifications for eligibility apply, how the process works and the avenues open for the Association to challenge an application.

In the second part of the meeting the Association discussed the following current activities:

Water and Sewer Billing

The Association has engaged in discussions with Parkbridge senior management on behalf of those residents currently affected. Following these discussions

[a] the retroactive billing for 2017 has been cancelled; and [b] the rates charged have been lowered to reflect the special Sandycove sewer rate.

The latter change will, based on samples of actual billing provided to the Association, reduce the annual cost by about $200 – the actual amount depending, of course, on water usage. It was noted that very high water usage could still have adverse financial results. The Association continues to work with Parkbridge in respect of certain issues raised by our legal representatives in an effort to obtain further relief for the residents concerned. It was noted that cost for the legal advice for this issue was met from Association funds without recourse to residents.

Arising from this subject there was discussion of the point that “old” (Sandycove Acres Ltd.) leases also permit Parkbridge to install meters and bill for water – NOTE: not sewers – and that there are no “conditions” in the lease which limit the timing of when this might be implemented. The Association has endeavored to ascertain Parkbridge’s intentions about this and, as of the date of the meeting, no firm plan seems to be in place. There is speculation that this may happen in conjunction with the connection of Sandycove to the Town water supply if and when this takes place. It should be noted that Parkbridge does NOT have to make this connection for the provision in the lease to be activated and for installation and billing to occur. The Association will continue to work towards a definite answer in this matter.

Lease Renewals

It has recently come to the attention of the Association that leases that have been renewed starting approximately from April 1st 2017 have clauses that could, if implemented, impact residents in amounts up to $200 per month – NOTE: these clauses have NOT yet been implemented. These clauses are:

[a] the addition of the land portion of property tax to the existing house portion;

[b] adding sewer charges to the current water only charges as discussed above; and

[c] in some cases, the discontinuation of snow clearing of driveways.

The Association considered this to be inappropriate and therefore raised this with Parkbridge management. We are pleased to report that, both retroactively and going forward, the “old” clauses concerned will be honoured by making changes to the “renewed” leases concerned. Residents affected will be contacted by Parkbridge in due course and will need to visit the office to affect these changes in a proper legal manner.

Residents moving within Sandycove: Having studied the implications of the new leases with respect to moving within the community, the Association realised that residents who choose to downsize, almost always for financial reasons due to life changes, can find that the “new” lease actually costs more than the “old” did. Given the issues of “aging in place” the Association has raised this matter with management. Parkbridge has undertaken that where a resident is looking at such a move for genuine “compassionate” reasons they will – on a case by case basis – work with residents to find a solution. The office should be contacted directly for this purpose. NOTE: Parkbridge is 100% firm that any such relief will not be considered for moves other than compassionate reasons.

Above Guideline Increase

Parkbridge made an application for an increase of 0.8% in 2017. The Association has requested the supporting documentation which has not, to date, been received. When it is, the Association will review it in depth for grounds for challenging; legal advice will be sought if necessary with the cost being met from Association funds.

Winter Maintenance

The Association continues to work with our Community Manager on specific issues; many of these have been resolved. The overall opinion of the meeting was that, to date, the contractor’s performance has been satisfactory.

Community Standards

The Association is aware of an increasing number of issues that both lower the enjoyment of our community and potentially affect our investments. The HOA Board has completed a comprehensive survey of the whole community and a written report has been submitted to the Community Manager. Some issues such as School Buses in the park have already been remedied, some are in progress and others will need to wait for Spring. As these are issues with many implications, the Association has sought a commitment from Parkbridge’s Director of Operations to take whatever steps are necessary to remedy such problems. This commitment has been given. Residents should be aware that some situations, if not corrected voluntarily, may require a legal process that can take many months to complete.


The meeting then became a Question and Answer session for any subject members wished to bring forward.